Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aaaaaaaaand.... SHE'S OFF!

I have seen big changes in Secret this week! She is starting to really like our little jump drills that we do in the evening with toys. As in, REALLY like!

First great change -- We are ONLY using toys right now! Granted, it's all jump & tunnel work and these aren't connected to treats the way the contacts are, but it's a huge step in the right direction. She adores her purple Kong Wubba. So much so that I fear she will kill the squeaky soon, in which case I will simply have to replace it. She finds it great fun to chase, chew AND tug!!

The other big change is the SPEED! She's taking off like a shot and going confidently ahead of me and *nailing* her rear crosses. Which is a good thing, because if she keeps up with that I'll have no other choice but rear crosses. lol

I know it's technically *naughty*, but I saw a side of her that thrilled me to no end last night. Secret completely blew off my turn cue and kept flying down a line of jumps before checking in with me. Yeah, yeah, not great, but I am so excited to see that kind of enthusiasm from her! We can work on turning later! :o)

Disc work is still going well, but she still has much more enthusiasm for the rollers than the fliers. I just switch back and forth between rollers, short tosses & long tosses to keep her enthusiasm up.

I had all three dogs outside while I played fetch with Luke last night. I had three tennis balls out, just in case Kaiser or Secret felt like playing, but I don't push them to do it if they don't want.

Well imagine my surprise when, after watching Luke for a bit, Secret brought a ball over and dropped it at my feet. I threw it with the Chuck-It and I'll be damned if we didn't repeat the routine several more times! This is my girl who has never really ever cared to bring back tennis balls. She did lay down to chew on it a couple of times, but always decided to bring it over to me for another throw after a bit. She'd already done her work for the night, but this was a nice way to make sure she was extra done for the evening (which didn't necessarily work, she was still a little nutty).

Some nights it takes longer for her to settle than others, but I've found that she really enjoys the activity below. :o)

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