Friday, June 18, 2010

Audition Photos!

Barbara posted the audition photos on her website today for her clients to look over. Here are Secret's shots!

Kaiser obviously didn't get posted, and Luke didn't make the cut -- no surprise there, I'm surprised he didn't rip the shirt! lol

I think Secret is cute as a button, obviously, but if they are looking for the dog best suited to model the shirt, I think that would go to one of the (several) Springer Spaniels that were also listed on the "large" sample page. We'll see what happens.

I was surprised to see how SKINNY Secret looks from the side!! A guy who stopped into the office yesterday actually asked, "Is that dog a Greyhound?" Now I know why. Ha! Skinny girl. I think she may also still be a growing girl, going by the butt-high stance in the second photo.

I didn't intend to do any agility training last night, but Secret was still nuts after a rather long frisbee session, so I went out for another play session with the ball. I figured I may as well use it to direct her over a few jumps, so we played around with that for a bit. She was wild! Several times she took off like a shot and wildly looked around for the ball -- that I hadn't thrown yet because I was TRYING to cue her to do something else. That's a new attitude from her that I'm happy to see, but now we have to harness that energy and enthusiasm! :o)

We had a big storm blow through last night and I didn't get much sleep, but Secret slept like a rock. I'm glad to know that she is not bothered by storms. Luke is doing much better, but he still does not like them at all.

We are at a NADAC trial in La Crosse all weekend -- YAY!!!!!

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