Friday, June 4, 2010

Growth Spurt

This is a very short entry -- We're in the hotel at Le Center, MN right now. It is a fantastic new hotel with beautiful rooms, but as you see, we'll be a tad bit cramped on the bed this evening. The room, itself, is very large -- but the bed is wee.... Oh well, for $60, you don't complain. The grounds are very dog friendly, too!

We stopped into the vet yesterday to pick up Luke's prednisone refill and I took Secret in for her 10-month weight (next week!). I was quite surprised to see the scale read 40.8 lbs. So much so that I made her get off and do it again with the same result.

Huh. She must have had a growth spurt! Now I'll have to try to get an updated height measurement on her to see if that changed at all.

If this keeps up, I won't owe Greg a fruit basket come August after all. :oP

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