Friday, July 23, 2010

All better?!? (!!)

Wouldn't it be great if dogs could talk and tell us what is or isn't wrong? It sure would save a lot of stress on the human side of the partnership.

Secret rapidly improved after our visit to the vet yesterday. She didn't budge off the dog bed until noon when it was time for a potty trip outside. She cried out slightly as she pulled herself off the bed, but part of that was her insane excitement to go outside (I'm sure she thought for a walk, since we always go for a walk at lunch).

She remained quiet for the rest of the afternoon, but got up several times to switch beds, change position or stretch. Each time she got up she seemed to have an easier time of it. By the time we left around 3:30, she seemed completely back to her old self. I didn't even get the chance to help her into the car, as she jumped right in before I was able to lay a finger on her.

She tried to wrestle with Kaiser in the back yard upon returning home, but I quickly put an end to that and put her in her crate with a Kong, for it was time to take Luke to his massage.

Dr. Randy was quite surprised to hear just how quickly she went from refusing to stand on her own to bouncing around like a lunatic. He wonders if it wasn't something other than Anaplasmosis, but there is no way to know. We will continue on with the Doxy for the remainder of the treatment and I'll probably stop the aspirin this weekend.

It was just ever so much fun trying to keep Secret quiet last night. She was running around the house tossing her deer antlers everywhere, bugging Luke mercilessly and just all out restless. I attempted to let her go outside off leash, but it quickly became evident that this wouldn't work because she immediately tried to instigate play with both of the boys (and Kaiser was more than happy to oblige because he was rather bored, too).

I had taken Kaiser & Secret on a short 15 minute walk when I got home with Luke (okay-ed by Randy when he heard how well she was doing). This did nothing to wear her out for the evening.

She started out this morning wild as a coon, but she is currently following the daily nap-time routine. We will go for our usual walk today and I don't anticipate any problems, but we'll probably take it easy and not go quite as far.

This weekend we have a NADAC trial here in La Crosse. Home trials are always nice and the dogs (and myself) always appreciate returning to our own bed (and yard!) at the end of each day. Luke is bringing a cake to celebrate his NATCH that he earned at our last trial, so it should be a fun time!

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