Thursday, July 15, 2010


Isn't Secret just a horribly leggy thing? She was just standing there barking at me like usual, so I snapped her picture just now. She gets sassy when she's bored. And look at that body! Is she part Dachshund?

The weather was just crazy last night! The first storm started to roll through around 4:30 or so. I was doing a video for Kaiser outside when the rain started. That's the time of day when Secret generally goes nuts, so I hurried and took her outside to try to get in a quick frisbee session before the rain started coming down too hard. We weren't out very long before she started to melt, however, and we were quickly driven back indoors.

The rain blew in sideways for some time. It was really coming down! When it stopped for a bit, I considered taking the dogs outside to play -- Until the tornado sirens started to go off! Whoa, really? I've never heard them since I moved to Sparta!

Ever curious, I immediately went outside and brought the dogs with me. Luke and Secret were NOT fond of the sirens one bit; Kaiser was oblivious. Secret pretty much went back into the house the moment I let her and then went and hid in the corner. Poor thing, she was really freaked out!

The tornado sightings were a few miles away and we were thankfully out of harm's way. I was able to get Secret to come back outside after the second siren had sounded -- She relaxed at this point and chased Kaiser around the yard.

Shortly after dinner, another round of rain and lightning rolled through and Secret crawled up by me on the couch. I hate to see that storms are scaring her now. There was a break in the action for a while later in the evening, so I elected to go to bed early before it all started up again. Sure enough around 10 p.m. we were treated to an even bigger thunder & lightning show that went on for some time. Secret didn't seem too bothered by it at this point, but even Luke seems to do much better when we're in bed.

This last series of photos is Secret enjoying her prized deer antlers. Oh my, she does love them! And thankfully, she hasn't yet poked out an eye....

I hope to get another video made soon if the weather cooperates. I'd really love to make a frisbee video, but I haven't quite figured out how to do it (successfully). I also want to put together a video of the jump work we've been doing. Hopefully in the next couple of days!

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