Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Secret vs The DTV Installer

The photos on the blog today are from our last photo shoot for Chuckle Pup. The first and last photo are the "glamor" shots that Barbara did as we waited for the owner to arrive. Look at how amazing Secret looks! I love them. The picture below is the only one of Secret that was picked from the shoot. I'll have to watch to see if either of my dogs ends up on the web site once it's made. Kaiser had a couple of nice shots.

Yesterday Secret had to get used to the idea of a stranger entering our house. I made the switch from Dish to DirecTV and this meant having an installer come into our house for over an hour. I can't believe how freaked out Secret was over the whole ordeal. I ended up putting her on leash just to make her stay by me and relax. She seemed to be getting over it by the time he left, but more than anything I think she was just crashing from being way overdue for her nap. I obviously need to have house guests over more often...

It's still hot here, so after work we went to the park in Sparta to give the dogs a chance to go swimming. The section of the creek that used to be "Kaiser-sized" has grown considerably and there isn't much left for wading. Secret didn't mind, though, and took off on the odd random swim a few times. She wasn't about to compete with lunatic-Luke for the tennis ball. I think we have more fun at the beach, but keeping track of three dogs on a crowded beach didn't sound like fun to me yesterday.

Secret met a couple of new dogs at the park and did fairly well with them. The first dog was off leash and its owner didn't seem to have any intention of putting him back on leash, so I let Secret off her leash so that she wouldn't feel trapped. They ran and "played" a bit along the shore, but I don't think Secret was completely comfortable with him. She barked and play-bowed at him, but I think his high energy level put her off. That said, the other dog had very good manners and didn't do anything to deserve her scorn. I put Secret back on leash when a lady walked over with a Chow. I let Secret meet the Chow, but didn't let it go very far because she seemed uncomfortable. Both of the dogs we met were boys, and we already know that Secret prefers girls (oddly...).

With a heat index of 105 degrees yesterday, there wasn't much else to do for activity, so we went home and played with the hose for a bit. Secret had a brief frisbee session after dinner when she was bouncing off the walls, but we kept it short due to the heat. I really hope it cools off here soon so that I feel more compelled to work the dogs again. I will have to mow the agility yard in the next day or two and I have yet to set anything since the last time I mowed. I really hate when that happens.

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