Friday, September 24, 2010


When I got home from work yesterday, there was a box in front of the door, all wrapped up in plastic to keep it safe from the horrid, torrential rains we've been getting. It was a box from Schneiders! What does that mean? Secret's new blankie came!

It's still just a wee bit on the large side for her, but going down to the Medium would no doubt be much, much too small. Maybe she'll fill out some day. :o) Overall, Secret didn't seem all that keen on wearing her blankie, but I'm sure she'll appreciate it when the cold weather hits. The poor girl has no fat or hair to keep her warm, after all.

Kaiser got a blanket, too! I ordered one for him last year, but with all of the issues I had with them being sold out and out of stock, I eventually gave up. That's why I decided I'd better get with it this year and order early. If anyone is interested, you can find these blankets at . Great value, great product!

Secret finally succeeded in ripping the handle off her Jolly Ball yesterday. Yay... We'll see if I can still manage to hold/throw it. Hopefully I find a way, because holy cow will she run for that thing! I set up an arc of 7 jumps to send her through and she absolutely FLEW through the sequence for the Jolly Ball! Yay for speed!!!!


  1. Nice blankies :)

    My BC Darby has a jolly ball and loves it. It's not really a ball anymore, as she has torn off the handle and there's a big gaping hole. She likes for me to kick her jolly ball. You might see what Secret thinks of the ball being kicked. Darby has gotten pretty good at pitching the ball to me and could probably be a pitcher for a kids kickball team. :)

  2. Those blankies are adorable! What size did you get for Kaiser - I'm thinking I might need to get one for Nari.

  3. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond -- No computer access this weekend. :o) Kaiser's blanket is a size Small. If I had my way, it would be just a smidgen larger, but the Small/Medium (next size up) is much too large. Conversely, the XS doesn't even fit over his head! Quite a drastic difference between sizes.