Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jolly Balls are Jolly Good Fun!

Last week we received a shipment from Schneiders Saddlery (www.sstack.com) with dog blankets for the upcoming winter season (booo!). Secret's was too large, sigh. So hers was sent back and exchanged for a smaller size. Hopefully that fits -- And don't worry, there will be pictures posted when it arrives. :o) She looks super cute in the pink plaid design!

One thing that DID come (and it fits just fine) was Secret's new Jolly Ball. Luke has one (his is red) that he goes crazy for, but it's popped & deflated, so we really haven't played with it much. I thought Secret would enjoy one (and needed to add $$ to my order to hit "coupon level"), so I added one to our order.

Secret was slow to warm up to it at first. She didn't really understand what was so fun about it. But I turned her loose with it on Friday while I cleaned the car, and apparently she discovered that it was loads of fun. Luke was going crazy with his at the same time, so perhaps that helps. Sibling rivalry seems to help everything. Granted, one of the best things about the Jolly Ball, in Secret's opinion, seems to be chewing off the handle -- So we must put an end to that. Luke ripped the handle off one of his and they aren't much fun after that!

Last night we were playing "dual Jolly Ball fun" between Secret & Luke and boy did she think that was fun! I believe it's about the fastest I've ever seen her run after a toy. Of course I had to see what she did over jumps for it -- Alas, the wind had blown over all but one jump (and I, of course, was too lazy to set any) -- But she really jetted over the single jump and alternately really dug in when I sent her and called her back. I do believe I'll have to get off my butt, set a jumping drill and try sending her through with the Jolly Ball as her reward. We might see new levels of speed from it. :o) The most shocking part was that she kept running to the point of being pooped -- It is a rare thing that will get her worked up enough to make her tongue hang to the ground. Some people might say she likes to conserve her energy -- Frankly, I just think she can be lazy. lol

We got up way too early (4:15 a.m.) on Sunday to drive down to Madison for a NADAC games trial with the boys. Everyone kept asking me why Secret wasn't running -- I guess she's been around so long that it seems like she should be old enough by now. Alas, the clock is still ticking.... February seems so far away.

Secret was pretty well behaved at the trial, although I hear she was doing some barking & growling at people when I wasn't at the crating area. She was exceptionally well behaved when out and about with me, however, which makes me happy. And I'll never find a better co-pilot for the drive down & back -- Although how she finds a comfortable position to sleep in while crammed in the front seat is beyond me!

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