Monday, January 17, 2011

Lazy Weekend

Well, we did nothing this weekend. Which is both :o) and :o( for various reasons. Quiet, peaceful, sleeping doggies definitely get a huge thumbs up. Is there anything cuter?

We got between 2" & 3" of snow Friday night into Saturday, which made me kind of "blah" about driving to MN. Then Luke pulled something while playing frisbee. Then, while de-pooing the yard, I saw that Secret had diarrhea -- This on top of her waking us up around 6:00 a.m. to puke. I figured it was probably not in our best interest to spend six hours on the road that day and instead opted to stay home and be bums.

Between naps, we did go down and play a bit in the basement. Most notably, I utilized a boring old hardcover book and turned it into a teeter weight using duct tape. Not a long-term fix, but good enough to get Secret used to the idea that teeters do, in fact, move on their own. She was, as expected, freaked out by it at first, but she got over it and was doing superbly after several sessions. She has her teeter back!

Yesterday we dragged our butts off the couch and went to my parent's place for dinner. I sacrificed the "lazy" part of my weekend at this point and actually hauled my butt through the snow for over a mile on the trails through the woods. I was pooped, but I had happy dogs! While I might enjoy being pathetically lazy, my dogs do not. I can't really complain since I figure I made them that way, and it's good to have someone to kick my butt and make me move. :o)

Three out of the last four mornings now, Secret has woken up between 4:00 & 6:00 a.m. to puke up some bit of nastiness. I am almost entirely positive that it is from her disgusting habit of eating frozen poopsicles, something I can thank Luke for teaching her last year and that they both have delighted in starting up again this year. I try like heck to keep the yard picked up, but we keep getting snow every day that covers stuff up and I know I miss some. One more reason that I can't wait for spring to get here.... Thank god they only like the rock hard frozen poo, although I can tell you it's pretty dang nasty when it comes back up....

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