Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More Snow! Yay! Wait.... What?

The world must be coming to an end. I'm happy to have more snow? Why yes, yes I am.

Between last night and right now (where it is still somewhat fluttering to the ground), we have gotten between 2 & 3 inches of fresh snow to cover all that dratted ice from New Years Eve. This is on top of the inch or so of powder that we got during a couple of other "snow incidents" last week. That means it is, overall, much safer outside again. And THAT means that we don't have to go insane in the house anymore!

I actually broke down last night and got out the frisbees. I just couldn't take it anymore. Secret & Kaiser were literally starting to wear a path around the coffee table with their lap racing and Luke would sit and stare at me all night. I determined during poo pick-up that the yard had softened somewhat and I figured odds were higher of them getting hurt doing their indoor antics vs. playing outside. I did take care to keep the discs low and we didn't play quite as long as usual.

Last night was SO MUCH BETTER. Peace. Lovely, quiet peace. It's amazing how a little exercise settles them right down... We didn't even do a basement session because they seemed so zen and satisfied after the frisbee session. And now that we have snow, we can go back to doing this *every single day*. No more coffee table grand prix!

I have done three or four teeter sessions with Secret since my last post. The news is good, I guess. She is now eagerly going back and forth over a super low (8-10") teeter, although she was still apprehensive about approaching it during the last session. We'll see how the next one goes and hopefully move it up some.

A few nights ago I had all three dogs in the basement and I made it a huge game for all of them, taking turns going over the (full sized) teeter. This actually worked and Secret was taking her turn, insisting that she would not miss out on treats that the boys were getting. However.... She walked up behind the teeter as Luke was going over and... WHOMP.... Right on her chin. Sigh. Square one, yet again. That's when I lowered it and started at the beginning.

I'm hoping that our lesson this weekend doesn't include the teeter, but (depending on where she is at home by Sunday) I may ask to have some teeter time with Secret during Bethany's lesson. She needs to learn to do different teeters, there isn't much way around it.

Tomorrow we get to go play at Family Dog Center for the agility run-throughs. There will be an actual course set up this time and it sounds like it will be more organized than the last one we attended. I am super bummed that we will miss next week, though. I got an e-mail reminder from the shelter about the required first aid training class I am attending there next Wednesday from 5 - 8:30. Theoretically I could go to agility at 4:00 and leave the dogs in the car, but eh, I'm thinking that wouldn't be a good idea! It's too bad, too, since classes are starting up again at FDC after that and it will bring an end to these training nights.

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