Thursday, January 6, 2011

We done lost our teeter


Do you recall when I mentioned that Secret got spooked by the teeter at the training center in Eau Claire during our last lesson? I more or less brushed it off and figured I'd just get her back on the one at home and everything would be fine. Well, not so much.

I pulled the teeter over to the matted side of the basement last night (and put a LOVELY gouge in one of my mats, *sob*) and fully expected Secret to respond with, "TEETER!!!!!!!" She is a crackhead about my teeter and has been since the day she discovered how fun it is to slam it back and forth. I could not keep her off the teeter this past summer.

I could not get her near it. When I finally got her to touch it with a paw, she heard it squeak (stupid PVC base) and she went, "Ahhhhhhh!" and retreated. We have regressed horribly. :o( I worked and worked and worked with her and couldn't get her to offer much of anything. She did eventually get all four feet on the plank, but fell apart when it moved. Seriously? That used to be her favorite part.

I held on to her and made her deal with the movement a couple of times -- Not the best decision I've made lately, but I felt so frustrated. She ended on a good note and I didn't push it anymore. I suppose I'll just have to lower the darn thing back down to baby height and start at the beginning again. I can't believe how much that one silly experience dragged her backwards. So frustrating. I guess this is one of those times when I can be thankful that NADAC doesn't have a teeter. I'd be kind of out of luck if Secret's first trial was USDAA...

The good news is that we had some REALLY GOOD jump work last night. I moved the jumps up to 22" and Secret did great! We did all of our foundation exercises with one & two jumps and I am happy to report that she is starting to dig in and accelerate out of the turns! That is a huge breakthrough for our tiny basement space. We also ended with some more ball work -- I'm looking for any way to tire her out that I can right now.

And this is why. Secret is going BONKERS in the house right now. We have gotten just a bit of fluffy snow to cover all the ice from New Years Eve -- Not nearly enough to make it "safe" to play outside again.

What does this mean? This means the dogs are creating their own indoor games to play. Secret & Kaiser are making it a nightly ritual to run laps around the coffee table in front of the couch. This morning they were running laps around the couch, itself. I had my foot up on the coffee table this morning and Secret just leaped straight over me AND Luke during her chasing games. Seriously, she's nuts right now. We are still doing our daily walks on the trail, but nobody is really getting a chance to run full steam because of the ice.

Look what I did this morning! Secret is now officially registered with NADAC and set for her first trial! I did a double-take when I saw her number (assigned randomly/in order through the web site). Kaiser is 09-01183. Hopefully the similarities make it easy to remember, and hopefully I don't screw them up because they are so close. lol

And because I needed somewhere to store Secret's first registration number, I went ahead and made her an agility binder today. :o) I am well known in these parts for my overly-anal record keeping skills. Each dog must have their own binder, in which I keep their registration numbers, title & point counts and trial result sheets. Would it be easier to consolidate into one large binder? Surely, but then I couldn't make these cute front sheets for all of them.

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  1. Sorry about the teeter :( I'm sure you'll get it back in no time! Love your agility binders! I'm pretty bad about writing down results, I usually just throw the results stickers on the ribbons and then wait for the trial secretary to email me the results. And then I check out the online records, but I should really be writing it down.

    Can't wait to hear how Secret's first trial goes!