Thursday, May 19, 2011

Playtime (video)

Secret was actually playing somewhat nice with Kaiser the other night. Still taunting him enough to frustrate him, but hey, she's not knocking him over like usual. Times like these are when I miss Max. He was such a great playmate for Secret -- But I'm sure he's doing awesome in his new home!

It rained yesterday, so we did nothing in the wet grass. I did manage to drag out the weave poles after working at the shelter on Tuesday, though, and we got in some good practice time. I set up a trio of jumps on one end (set of 12 poles) and a trio of hoops on the opposite end. We worked entries at various angles, threw in some rear crosses and also focused on maintaining speed through the poles.

Even with the Jolly Ball employed for ultimate motivation, Secret did not want me leaving her in the poles. She weaved fastest, by far, with me right by her side or just slightly ahead. If I left her in the poles she slowed down considerably, so I guess I'll be babysitting her in her Elite Weavers run tomorrow. We need as much speed as possible. Thankfully NADAC doesn't require any tricky handling, so going way ahead to get into position isn't really required. Meanwhile, our homework is to maintain speed and motivation independent of my position.

Cross your fingers that Mother Nature cooperates tomorrow. The weather forecast isn't appearing to be in our favor. I will run in a light rain, but if it storms I'm sure they will call it off and perhaps just try to squeeze those three classes into the trial over the rest of the weekend (and of course, we won't be there!).

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