Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thundershirt! Bring on the storms!

Secret's Thundershirt arrived yesterday! Yay! There wasn't really so much as a cloud in the sky, but of course we had to try it on and model for blog pictures. :o) And from what I've read, they suggest acclimating the dog to the shirt during non-stressful times so that they don't always associate it with bad things -- so yesterday was as good a time as any!

Secret was.... Well, not pleased when I put it on. She kind of just froze up on me and wouldn't move. It made me wonder, does it work by making them comatose and unable to react to anything around them? lol

She was just odd and very reluctant to move in it. Yes, the Thundershirt is very snug, it's suppose to be (like a firm, secure "hug" around their body). But it's also very stretchy and easy to move in, so that's no excuse. I ran inside to grab the camera (okay, it's my phone) and she never even moved from the spot where I left her. I took a video to show just how much she didn't want to move in it. lol

The good news is that she quickly improved. I just left her in it while I went about my ritual of de-pooing the lawn before mowing. Eventually she started to wander around and graze like a cow (this is not a reflection of the Thundershirt, this is a daily occurrence....).

But then something notable happened! The neighbor kid (the good one, not the evil ones) must have had some friends over after school and they came out into their backyard to play tetherball -- and their tetherball set-up (seriously, who has those at home?) happens to be right next to my fence.

Normally this sort of sound (screaming children coupled with frequent random loud slapping noises) would send Secret into the garage to hide. It's happened several times when the other neighbors are out playing baseball or basketball. But this time Secret continued to go about her business helping me to "pre-mow" the lawn. It was a warmer afternoon, so eventually she ended up under the shade of the deck and was watching/listening to the ruckus next door, but she made no move to go hide in the garage!

So hey, thumbs up for the Thundershirt already! I will have to think of other ways to put it to use -- Maybe I'll try putting on her and going for a walk in the "scary field next to the tracks" that she hates so much. There is a possibility for storms coming up this weekend, but I'll be working at the shelter and am not keen on leaving her in it for a full day unsupervised. Regardless, I'm sure it will see plenty of use.

By the time I took it off her, Secret was back to her usual sassy, happy self.

I did enter the MMBC trial for this coming Friday -- All three dogs are doing the three offered classes (Weavers, Tunnelers & Hoopers). Cross your fingers for good weather. If it's cruddy outside I'll probably just save the gas money and scratch -- but who wants to do that?? We'll go into it with little to no training time, unfortunately. Last night I had to mow everything (seriously, Kaiser was getting lost in the yard it was getting so bad!) and I'm at the shelter tonight and tomorrow. I'll have to at least drag the weaves out into the yard. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit anxious about Secret's first time running in Elite!


  1. Looking good Secret! I watched the video on the thundershirt site and the dog reacted just how Secret reacted so maybe it is ment to do that? Atleast it prevents cowering and slinking if thats the effect they intended it to have. Let me know if it works on walks, CeCe becomes over excited to the point of not wanting treats on walks when other dogs are walking by even if they are heeling and not reacting back :/

  2. I wish I would have had it at work today -- There was a train parked on the tracks at our usual walk time, which means we are stuck over here. No biggy if you consider the huge field (with birdies to chase!) and our large lumber yard -- But Secret sees the parked train and FREAKS OUT -- Because she knows that it makes a loud scary noise when it starts up. She used to associate that with the field next to the tracks, but apparently now we can't walk ANYWHERE if there is a train parked. If I didn't keep her on leash she would book it back to the office any time we walked somewhere that she could even see the train. Sigh. I feel bad for her and all, but this is ridiculous.

  3. Secret looks awesome! I love the pink :) I hope this helps calm Secret with her "scary" things. I looked at the site too and it seems to be a neat little vest. Best wishes!

  4. Secret looks absolutely adorable in that Thundershirt :) And I love the color.