Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I got video! Dock Jumping!!

Sorry for the crappy photo quality, but it's just a couple of still shots that I pulled off the video. Yes, video!! I got video! Bethany was willing to stand on the safety of the shore with the camera and film us -- Because after all, standing in 90 degree water isn't really all that cooling, and you pretty much risked your life trying to walk on the slimy landing anyhow. lol

Secret was a SUPERSTAR. I had no idea what to expect, so I didn't even think to get the camera out at first. After a couple of tries, I realized I had an awesome little dock jumper on my hands, so I ran to get the video camera -- So the first jump in the video is actually her third or something. Then the dock started to get pretty slippery and the jumps weren't so spectacular, but I am SO EXCITED to get her jumping off a carpeted surface at the competition.

There was zero hesitation on Secret's behalf, so I'm really hoping that it translates to the dive pool at the State Fair. I am going to try hard not to get sucked into a "comfort zone" at this dock that I found -- There was nobody there and it was pretty much perfect -- But instead I will try to keep finding more docks to practice on so that Secret continues to gain confidence in new settings.

But eeek! It was so fun! I won't even try to get into how hot it was, though. Bethany and I pretty much started to sweat the instant we stepped out of the car. It is so gross here right now. Secret actually would lay in the shallow water to rest between tosses -- she's never done that before. Although the water was easily 90 degrees, so I'm not sure how cooling it was!

Here is the video! Clips from Luke & Kaiser are included as well. We tried to get Rascal to jump in, but he didn't really want any part of it.

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