Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's done!

It is official. Our entries to the 2011 NADAC Championships left in the mail yesterday and my credit card is smoking from the PayPal payment sent yesterday afternoon. :o)

And yes, those entries included one for Secret!

I stapled a little note to her entry explaining how Secret started to trial in February and has had a grand total of 16 days of trial experience. In that time she has managed to get all but one Chances Q (and the stupid Hoopers Q, but I said I had entered & Q'd in the class every chance we had). As a formality, I requested that she be considered for second chance entry if she didn't get in on the merit of her achievements. But come on, she's gotten 53 Q's in less than six months. If that isn't merit, what is?

I wonder if she will be the youngest dog in attendance? Coming in a very close second (by ONE day!) will be our friend Robyn's dog, CeCe -- Another amazing achievement there! And CeCe actually got both of her needed Hoopers Q's, so they beat us in that race. lol Can't wait to see how the baby dogs do!

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