Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birthday Party Fun!

We couldn't let Secret's second birthday pass without a little birthday party fun! I blew it last year by not getting party favors in time and was close to doing so this time -- But thankfully I worked at the shelter last night and the party store is not far away. :o)

Secret seemed to enjoy herself and her time posing for pictures. I won't lie, I wore her out with frisbee before starting her party. lol

Secret definitely thought her lei hat was better than the party hat.

The boys joined in on the party fun as well! I think Kaiser was more into it than Luke. But then again, Kaiser was lucky enough that the party hat was too big for him.

After all the posing fun was done, everyone got to enjoy birthday treats! Nom, nom, nom!

These were included in our goody bags from the dock diving event on Monday. Lucky for us, between the two bags we received three! The dogs thought they were pretty awesome.

Because our party started pretty late, it got dark outside and we had to move the festivities inside.

All of that partying was hard work! Secret was wiped out for the rest of the night.

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