Thursday, August 25, 2011


Gosh darn it, if there was ONE reason I fought through my fears and hesitations about getting a girl dog (ie: see last post), it was so that I could finally dress her up in PINK without getting a lot of crap about it. Poor Kaiser had to suffer a bit with my pink obsession, as I got him a fuchsia agility leash. In my defense, it looks really good on him. :o)

I like pink. Pretty much everything I've gotten for Secret has been some various shade of pinkness. I guess I will rephrase my comment from the last post to make a concession that perhaps I will always have to have one female dog in the house on whom I can satisfy my obsession with this silly girly color.

Last night I stopped at Walgreens on my way home because after doing some research online I discovered that they sell spray-on hair color year round! I thought it was only a Halloween item, but I guess not. I went to find this particular product to test out on Kaiser. The results are below!

Finally! It's really purple, not some shade of pink! Not that there is anything wrong with his tail being pink, but it won't make sense if I show up to NADAC Champs with pink tails. lol

That said, right next to the can of "Panther Purple" spray was.... LYNX PINK. Come on, like I could really pass it up??? Not a chance!! So before I even did Kaiser's tail, I decided to test the pink out on Secret. Awwww yeah.

Our trial this weekend is "tie dye" themed. I plan to wear my PINK tie dye shirt from the shelter. Now I think I may just pink Secret up and perhaps even do my own tips. Tee hee!! No, I did not just turn 32 years old.....

Speaking of the trial, I think I'm going to bag out on any last minute training sessions tonight. I don't know, maybe I'll cave and set something up. After that Monday night fiasco, however, I'm inclined to just let her sit and get all excited about agility instead of burning her out. Plus I will admit that there is a part of me that is scared that we'd have another crappy session and then I'd be worried about her not wanting to play at the trial. I'd rather go in fresh & happy... She doesn't need to learn anything new or brush up on anything for the weekend anyhow. Unlike Kaiser, I don't expect her contacts to go "POOF" into thin air. lol


  1. Love the colors, too fun! I actually had all of my tips dyed bright red in college and have considered doing bright red highlights...but I figure I need my job so I haven't gone there yet ;) Good luck at your trial this weekend!

  2. LOVE the pink and purple tails :)

  3. When I clicked your link for the hair spray-dye, I read this...

    "This product is not tested on animals"

    ...oh yes it was! I must get some purple for champs next year :)

  4. lol - I noticed that, too, Kim! :o) Kaiser's tail is still quite purple despite several hosings, so we'll see what everyone thinks at our trial tomorrow! Secret's came right off - different hair type or perhaps just because less product was involved. So I'll have to redo her quick in the morning when I do myself. Hee hee.