Monday, August 1, 2011

Brother Blizzard's First Trial!

Secret's brother, Blizzard, went to his first agility trial this weekend! His trial debut was in AKC up in Burnsville.

I haven't heard anything about Sunday, but he Q'd in both of his runs on Saturday! Go Blizzard! His mom, Ruth, posted their Novice Standard run from Saturday, which I've included up top.

I just have to say, genetics are a curious thing. Blizzard & Secret are so very much alike. There was one other sibling in their litter, but sadly we have not received any Sonata updates since right after they were all adopted. She didn't go to an agility home, but I would still love to know how she turned out!

Someone left the furnace on again, as we're melting yet again here in Wisconsin. That means we haven't been doing a whole lot -- Which led to Secret destroying another pillow while I was at work on Saturday. Oh well, silly Secret, you just keep ruining your dog pillows, so now you have nothing to lay on! ;o) Perhaps tonight we will go swimming to try to dispel some of her pent up energy.

One week from today we will be.......... Dock Jumping!!!


  1. Blizzard is a tall boy! Looks pretty successful for a first run.

  2. He was officially measured at 23 3/4"!! I told his mom I didn't need to know that, as I stopped measuring Secret when she hit 22 1/2". lol Maybe her hair hides her height? Blizzard, with his smooth coat, just looks taller to me. Maybe he is taller than Secret, though -- Because as I said, I stopped measuring. ;o)

  3. That is so cool to see the progress of one of Secret's siblings - they both are doing so well! And man are they freakishly tall!! I think it gives them personality though :) I wonder if they have something else in them...but otherwise, they do look like purebred BCs!

    I'd love to see siblings of my dogs, but unfortunately I know nothing about their litters. However, I have always thought Breeze might be a singleton pup since she is so pushy!

  4. I'm very thankful that Ruth keeps in touch! I was very close to taking Blizzard home with me, so it's fun to see how he's turning out.

    Their sister, Sonata, looked a lot more like their mom (who looks like a fairly traditional border collie) -- I'd really like to know what she looks like now. Sadly, the last few times we've asked for an update we haven't heard anything back. Kerry (mom) is a tall girl, herself -- Probably in the 21"/22" range. We will forever wonder who/what dad was, but Ruth and I both just call them border collies.

    And I still say that being spayed & neutered around 10-12 weeks of age surely didn't help anything. I won't be going that route again in the future.