Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

I am doing super awesome at my commitment to not over train leading into Champs. So awesome, in fact, that we have done nothing since I last posted. I was feeling slightly guilty about this, so I put a tunnel out for our Chuck-it play on Sunday and sent Secret through a couple of hoops and the tunnel on the way to her ball. Holy speed-building exercise, Batman! I should try running a course with a Chuck-it one of these days...

Oh, I guess I ran her over the dog walk a few times that day, too -- So maybe that counts as training. She wouldn't know, she was just in Chuck-it mode. Considering that her brain more or less falls out of her head, I'm impressed that she (mostly) maintained her criteria. Seeing her completely run through her contact before stopping tempts me to want to try running contacts, but why mess with a good thing? We like our 2o/2o, even if I do tend to early release more often than not these days. :o)

I celebrated Labor Day by working at the shelter. But the good news is that it was only half a day, which left the rest of the day to play! Or to mow the lawn..... I moved the dog walk to the top of the yard, so now I have to see if I have a copy of the Champs round with it in that location. I was also thinking I should set up that Chances course that got the best of us at the last trial (including the tunnel that couldn't have possibly been any closer to the dog walk).

One of these days we'll get back to work. But honestly, I'm pretty sure Secret doesn't mind it one bit. She thinks playing frisbee every day would probably be the best way to practice for Champs. :oP

Sorry for the completely random and pointless post -- I just think she's cute. Still waiting for a modeling gig to come along so that she can start to pay her way. lol

I still need to enter our trial that's coming up. I figure I'll keep the days short & sweet for Secret, so she's going to run 2 of the games classes Friday night, then just the four core classes each day. No reason to burn her out now.

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  1. You look so bored, why? but you look so cute.

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