Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Woolie Dog!

We had a special surprise in the mail when we arrived home last night! Oh yes indeedy, our special PINK Woolie Dog felted wool tuggy had arrived! Have you ever seen such joy in a dog's face as above? Secret was a happy, happy girl!

We put it to the test right away and Secret thought it was grand! She tugged to her little heart's content and the Woolie Dog tug held up to her abuse. :o) As advertised, it's definitely nice & soft on the hands, and I'm impressed with how durable it appears to be.

The price is right on these babies, too. So because I feel they are a good product, I figured I'd give them a plug on the blog today. :o) If you want your very own Woolie Dog tug toy, I encourage you to visit their Facebook page or their Etsy Store. I'm probably the only person on the planet who had never shopped on Etsy prior to last week, but I found it very easy to use. I ordered my (PINK!) tuggy on Friday and it arrived on Monday. How awesome is that? For anyone who is wondering, Secret's tuggy is size Medium. I tossed around getting her a Large since she's gone through so many tuggies, but I decided to start with medium and see how it lasted.

After having our fun with the new toy, I loaded everyone up and went down to the river last night. It was 88 degrees and likely one of the last truly warm days we will experience this year, so I figured we should take advantage of it. I didn't realize how long it had been since we'd gone swimming until I realized all of our water toys were still in the bag that I took to the dock diving event at the State Fair. Goodness sake, that was the beginning of August. Sorry guys, didn't realize it had been that long! I suppose the fact that the weather in August was fairly delightful lead to me doing more agility training and less swimming.

Secret very much enjoyed her swimming time. We had our little beach all to ourselves up to the very end when we had a visitor that came hiking through and stopped to chat. Secret managed to continue with her playtime without being too distraught and distracted (our new "friend" got one wary growl from Secret and then she got over it). We got in a good 45 minutes of swim time, yet when we got home Secret & Kaiser still felt the need to do zoomies around the yard. Dogs.... Where do they get their energy?


  1. So it's way off topic, but how are those running contacts going with Kaiser? Sissy and I are venturing down the running contacts route and I'm trying to see what seems to be the most effective way. I've started the initial full bore running on flat boards, but not much beyond that...

  2. Yeah...... That.... lol

    We went through a REALLY rough patch last month. I couldn't get him to run through the contact with any sort of consistency -- Then we went to a trial and he was horrible. The next day I found a massive spasm in his right hind leg, the one with the minor luxating patella, so I'm venturing it is related.

    So I've started to massage & stretch him daily. Since releasing the spasm, his nice running stride has returned -- but ONLY with the tunnel at the bottom. The tunnel is now about 10' away from the bottom of the contact, which is huge progress. But last week when I tried to run him on our course he was only running the dog walk about 15% of the time. Honestly, though, I was thrilled that I got ANY running strides from him without the tunnel.

    We'll see how it goes at our trial this weekend... I do think it's going to take a long time to break him of the jumping habit. I understand that it's infinitely easier to teach a running contact to a dog with no previous history of leaping.

    He only got called on one dog walk at our trial -- we had a very kind judge. lol I will say, the turd gets very close, but he's definitely leaving the dw with NO hind leg separation, which is my criteria. But he's also shutting down if he doesn't receive praise/reward, so I'm planning to go into this weekend praising everything. I need his confidence through the roof for Champs, and he's more likely to run (vs leap) if he's happy.

    One of the reasons I opted for this method (vs. Silvia's) is because Kaiser had no interest in running on a plank. He's a quirky one.... Starting where you are, I'd just progress with the Trkman method and gradually raise that plank.

  3. I'm setting a course tonight, but maybe I'll work Kaiser's contacts first and do video. I have to charge the camera for this weekend, anyhow. :o) Watch, though, I'll jinx myself. His last three sessions have really been fault-free with gorgeous low hits on every rep. With the tunnel target, of course!

  4. Sweet, you read my mind that's exactly where I was going with my question! I really like Trkman and I think that is the best way for us (folks here seem to prefer full running on full equipment with a hoop at the bottom to foster muscle memory but I'm not sold on that). I'll let you know how it goes, thanks for the info! :)

    I'm so excited for you and your champs adventure, I can't wait to hear how it goes! We've got tons of folks headed to champs from Montana, several of which will be SilverStakes teams.