Thursday, September 15, 2011

Training Night -- With Video!

You know how I said a couple of weeks ago that it was going to be my goal to train no more than twice a week to avoid over training? Well, that goal is alive and well -- Considering that I've only been training about once a week lately. lol It's good for the dogs, though. I think it keeps them fresh & happy.

Wednesday being a "non-shelter night," I scheduled it as my training night of the week and decided to set up the Chances course from our last trial. I stole the Open copy, as someone else had already grabbed Elite. The Elite line ran down below hoop 2/8 and pretty much straight down from the outer edge of 3.

Secret did really well -- when her handler didn't screw up. I have to take the blame for pretty much every error she made, but thankfully I got my act together and we ended on a really nice run! I pretty much annotated everything in the video, so I won't bother driveling on too much about it here. For the record, this is our ENTIRE training session. The only editing I did was some chute fluffing. Secret does so much better with these short sessions and she looked bummed when I put her back in the house last night (which is good!).

You might wonder why Kaiser didn't get featured at all (since Luke gets his cameo at the end) -- Well, I didn't make Kaiser run this course last night. I debated it, but I had worked his running dog walk prior to Secret & Luke's training sessions and it went so well that I decided to not push him anymore. Again, less is more....

I'm super thrilled with his progress last night! Since Breanna asked about it yesterday, I decided to go ahead and make a new video. His first session with the tunnel target went so well (and following a series of 100% hits in other sessions), so I decided to take it away and try a second session without the tunnel. The next obstacle is the hoop that's in the Chances course. His first hit was very high and with no hind leg separation, but I rewarded him to keep him happy. After that he blew me away. Yay, I have hope for him yet! :o)

Here's his video:

Trial this weekend! Secret is running in Tunnelers & Touch-n-Go Friday night, then the "core classes" of Regular, Chances & Jumpers on Saturday & Sunday. Hoping to get video this time!


  1. Yay Karissa!! Im proud of your "less is more" self-control! I used to struggle with that, it's tough to break the habit.

    The doggies look fantastic (: And Kaiser HOLY COW! He's really reaching for the contact! Hopefully he'll carry that over to the trial this weekend. See you saturday! I can video Luke and Secret for you if you want :p

  2. Thanks, I'll take anything you can get. :o) We'll see how many dogs are there - My second 16" dog will likely be too close to the 12" dogs and you have your own runs to think about! I should have enough friends running Novice & Open at this trial that I can bug to help. I miss having my cousin at trials, she was so helpful. :o(

  3. Is she not going to compete anymore?

  4. She hasn't heen having a good year health-wise. As a result, that doesn't leave her with much spending money to blow on agility (so she can't enter & have me run). Sadly, they've only been over a handful of times to practice all summer. I miss them, they were my inspiration to practice!