Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day One: In the Bag

It is 10:17 as I start this post and I am back in my hotel! That is the good news! The bad news for those still running is that it's 10:17 and they aren't done yet. ;o) Really, though, it shouldn't be much longer. I hear on Facebook that the Stakes classes are running. I feel bad for not staying to cheer them on the second round, but holy heck, we were totally beat!

Day one is in the bag and I have to say it was a very good day. Obviously this is Secret's blog, but Kaiser gets honorable mention today because HE ROCKS. His first round was *gorgeous*. Round one was a FORTY OBSTACLE course that was Hoopers focused. The only jump on course was the start jump, which didn't event count. It also had one performance each of the contacts & weaves.

Overall I really enjoyed the course. It had great flow and wasn't tricky to remember -- for a forty obstacle course, at least. The hang up was the distance at a discrimination to be taken not once, but twice -- including a two hoop sequence following it. The first time we had to go up the a-frame (not so terribly hard for most teams) do a 180 through the hoops and back through the tunnel under the frame. The second time was the opposite and holy heck was that out tunnel a challenge for the majority of teams. Not a single one of my three got it, if that tells you anything.

Kaiser went up the a-frame and came back through the tunnel. I opted to cross the line to help him into the tunnel, figuring if I didn't he would likely go up the frame again and waste time. I was able to redirect Luke to the tunnel without crossing the line. I crossed the line for Secret, but even in doing that it took quite a while to actually get her in the tunnel... She was certain the a-frame was the way to go!!

So anyhow, Kaiser had a blazing fast and beautiful run. He EVEN GOT HIS A-FRAME at the end of the course and had a lovely, lovely drive to the finish. No surprise there, he's great at blowing me off and running in a straight line. lol

Secret was my second dog, a good 100+ dogs later. She was pretty overwhelmed when we were waiting in line. I was bummed to see her tail touching her belly button -- She hasn't been that ooged out around agility for some time. Thankfully she got much better once we got into the separated waiting areas and it was quieter.

She started really well! I rear crossed a tight turn into a tunnel and wasn't in place to support the hoop after it, so she cut in there. Did we have to restart our weaves? I don't think so (I think I'm thinking of Luke). She got the "up frame" at a distance, but she cut in without taking the hoop so I had to cross the line there. She cut in on another hoop before a sharp turn to the tunnel -- my fault for assuming she would go and trying to leave her to get into place. The tunnel/a-frame ordeal followed. Oh my, it took what felt like forever to get her in that tunnel. Then she shot through a tunnel/hoop sequence so fast that I wasn't able to get her to turn in time, so she got an off course hoop before going to the dog walk.

Long story short, she ended up with 50 faults and a time of 90 point something. It's all written down in my stall -- She was like 32nd place, so not great, but it's a super competitive class. Luke ended up 17th in his division -- He only had the 10 faults from the discrimination, but we had to reset the weaves and then he cut in on the dog walk when I called too hard, wasting time there as well.

It took six hours to get through round one, not counting the Stakes classes. We expected round two to be shorter and it was -- 20 obstacles. This round was Tunnelers focused, used all the obstacles, but only had two jumps. Honestly, I have to say I don't mind the heavy hoop influence today. We'll see if it keeps up over the next few days.

Kaiser had another smoking run -- I think he got his dog walk again (a friend confirmed it), but I was too far behind to see (dog walk was second -- no start line = way behind, lol). He went rip roaring through the next sequence so fast that I wasn't able to get him to turn away in time, so he took an extra jump. The rest of his course was super awesome. His weaves were so lovely. I have no idea how they pick it, but I think it would be awesome for the little guy to get the Judges Choice award for best weaver. :o) Considering the course was so short, I'm not sure if his speed will save him on this fault. We'll see tomorrow.

Secret was GREAT!! She was way more relaxed going into the ring this time and she had FUN! (Not that she didn't have fun the first time, lol) Her run was perfectly clean going into the weaves at the end when all of the sudden she got distracted (poop?) and paused, then skipped past a pole. We reset quickly and finished well. I have no idea of her time.

Luke was pretty awesome as well. The big guy had a lovely clean run with no faults or bobbles. The 16" Vet division is pretty competitive, so we'll see how he stacks up in the morning when results are posted.

So there you have it! Day one = Awesome :o)

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