Monday, October 10, 2011


A friend at the shelter asked me on Saturday if I was nervous yet. I confidently answered that no, I wasn't. Typically I don't really experience nerves until right before the start of a run or event.

Well, apparently now is "right before." lol

Uhhh.... Yeah. Truthfully, though, I think the majority of the somersaults my stomach is experiencing at the moment is more related to the items on my list of things that needs to be done before we leave. Nothing like putting everything off until the very last minute -- Although many things really can't be done in advance.

Important things like an oil change are being taken care of this afternoon, the preparing of the massive quantities of treats has began (pictured above -- Two packages of chicken are cooked, shredded and sitting in the freezer), and my trial binder is complete. Things on my list that might be considered a bit more trivial would be "paint nails purple" and "dye Kaiser's tail." Although since that last part is now expected of me, I'm not sure how trivial it is. lol

I have now reached the stage where I am terrified of injuring one of the dogs. As such, they were lucky they even got to play fetch this weekend. I had good intentions of taking them for a run one evening, but it was a busy weekend at the shelter and I was wiped out. Considering we are having another gorgeous 80 degree day, I believe I'll shoot for taking them to the river after the oil change.

Speaking of weather (kind of), I finally looked at the forecast for Springfield. They look more or less to be experiencing similar weather to ours, with a similar cool down coming this weekend. But still, I'm glad I didn't go overboard buying cold weather wear in purple because it's supposed to be mid-60's to 70 each day. Lovely weather for agility if you ask me! Maybe my purple sweatshirt will come in handy as a pillow. :o)

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  1. Just enjoy it while you can, I'm sure it'll go too fast! Good luck to you, run fast, run clean!