Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We Are Here!

Check it out! I actually managed to fit everything we would need for five days PLUS the dogs into the back of my Vue! I wasn't sure it would be possible, but I made it work. The bungees that I picked up last night on my last minute shopping trip no doubt helped, as it allowed me to stuff quite a bit more behind the crate without worrying about it plopping over on top of the dogs in transit.

They were a little cozy back there, but they seemed okay with the arrangement. They changed positions a few times, but there was room for all!

The hard part is going to be getting everything back in there for the trip home....

We had an uneventful drive if you don't count the torrential rain we experienced for about 1/3 of it. We left home EARLIER than planned -- I had a goal of noon at the latest and we pulled out of the driveway just after 11:00. Granted, we then had to drive a half hour out of the way because I had failed to go to the bank, so in all we were on the way by 11:30.

We stopped in Lancaster, WI at 1:30 for a potty/coffee stop. Then we made it to Galesburg, IL for our next stop around 4:30 or so. Our stops were brief and the dogs were quite well behaved. I was shocked that Secret actually went potty on the first stop! Not so surprised that she didn't on the second. I swear she holds it all day...

We got to the fairgrounds at 6:00. I managed to find barn 14 and a coveted parking spot in the unloading area. The stalls are... Less than desired, but they will work. Thank goodness I have the giant floor mat to cover the grossness, but it doesn't do much for the giant crater in the center of the stall. I think we could build a swimming pool in it -- if the stall weren't so small. I'm thankful I decided to splurge and get a stall of my own, as it would be pretty cramped quarters. It's a nice space for my three, though. Secret settled right in while I finished hauling stuff in.

Since they seemed fine in the stall, I left them to go check out some of the EGC action that was finishing up in the big ring. I can't wait to see how it's set up tomorrow -- It's a very nice, big space and the footing looks great!

We found our hotel around 8:00. We're staying at a Red Roof (no dog fee!) and it's actually quite lovely! There is a huge grassy lot not that far away that the dogs can run around in. I think we'll be happy here the next several days. :o)

So that's that -- We are here, it is starting. I will try to update how things go each day. Tomorrow we start with the briefing at 8:00 a.m. Kaiser is something like dog 21 tomorrow, Secret doesn't run until like 120 or something like that. No Team tomorrow, so I'm hoping we get done at a decent time. Sharon was guessing 8:00 p.m., but we all know how that goes... Regardless, I don't see it going past midnight with this format as it did in 2009. Hope I don't have to eat my words!

Off to bed!!

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