Monday, January 16, 2012

Emotional Support

I have been very thankful for my three dogs over the past week. My grandmother passed away last Monday, with the visitation on Friday and the funeral on Saturday. With so much going on during the week (work, emptying out Grandma's apartment, etc.) it was pretty easy to just keep plowing forward and getting things done. I get this from my mother, I think. She's a very strong woman and has never been one to get overly emotional.

At any rate, I got through the week okay. I only cried a couple of times and on each occasion I immediately had a dog (or two) in my lap as they tried to figure out what was wrong. Secret will usually come over and give one of her worried wiggles when I am in such a state, but Kaiser comes and stands on my lap and gives me a look of sincere worry as he wonders what is making me act so out of character. Often times I just have to laugh at his serious expression, but it's good for lightening the mood. I usually give him a squeeze (which he SO loves...) and feel much better.

Saturday was very, very hard for me. The dogs all hung around me more than usual Saturday morning before I left for the funeral. Their ability to sense these things is amazing. I came home midday to let them outside before going to my aunt's house to take care of some things -- we threw frisbees for a bit and then they all obliged me with good long hugs. I felt much better after having that "dog break."

I was back at the shelter yesterday and found myself having a few emotional moments here and there throughout the day. Somehow I kept gravitating towards the wee itty bitty kittens residing in my intake room and found a great deal of comfort in clasping their little purring bodies to my chest.

As I age, I seem to be becoming a more emotional person -- Or rather, perhaps I am simply becoming more free about expressing my emotions. I feel that having animals in my life has assisted with that change. They are such good teachers, listeners and friends. Despite being surrounded by family & friends, I can't imagine how lonely it would have been without my crew the last week.

My grandma was not an animal person. She wasn't terribly fond of dogs, really didn't like cats at all and didn't see much purpose in having them. That said, she always asked about my dogs and the events we do together because she knew how important it was to me. I will miss her a great deal.


  1. Sorry about your Grandma, but glad you have a furry support system.

  2. Awww I'm so sorry about your grandma. I had to smile when I read Kaiser's reaction to your sadness. I can totally picture him being so worried. I also smiled when I read about the kitties. There isn't anything quite like the purr of a cat to make you feel good, warmed and loved! I love little purry puff balls! :)