Friday, January 27, 2012

So exciting!

I just found out that one of my co-workers has agreed to switch shifts with me so that I can have off on Saturday, February 18. What does that mean? It means that tomorrow morning I am sticking entries in the mail for our first USDAA trial!

I decided to enter Secret in Jumpers, Gamblers & Performance Speed Jumping (Steeplechase). Kaiser will do the same, plus Standard. He'll probably miss his dog walk, but I don't have teeter worries with him. I'll have to decide if I think Secret will be ready to attempt a new teeter in Gamblers....

The trial is in Canon Falls on dirt. Secret likes dirt, so I figured it would be a great trial for her. After having almost a year of trial experience under her belt now, I'm hoping Secret doesn't have a cow about the judge being in the ring... I actually worry more about that then the teeter. Time to grow up and get over it, baby girl!

So that's my big news! We are on the eve of a NADAC trial weekend and I'm just giddy about doing USDAA. :o)

A post without a picture?! That's what happens when I post from my phone!

BTW, I never got Secret to the chiro before this trial. :o( Hoping it's not going to be a big deal with the help of her Back on Track blanket -- she's baking in it now and will wear it all weekend. She will absolutely have to go in before the USDAA trial.


  1. Sounds exciting, good luck!

  2. Hope you enjoy your first USDAA trial

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