Thursday, January 26, 2012

Teeter Training (Part Duex?)

As I believe I mentioned in an earlier post, I've decided to tackle Secret's teeter training again. She is back to being confident and happy on our teeter, but she has continued to spook at the rebound stage. I know that if we don't conquer this, we'll go back to step one again when we see a competition teeter.

I did video of our training session last night -- this was the second session, as we did a bit of touch work the night before. I started with the teeter at the same low height but then did move it up halfway through our session when I saw her confidence growing.

Ultimately my goal is for her to reach up and slam the board down with two feet. At the moment she is bringing it down with one foot the majority of the time, but she's doing it happily so that's okay.

I ran her over the full teeter again at the end of the session and noticed that she is still doing a bit of a butt scoot as she comes off. She's getting better, though, so we will continue on this path because I do feel that it will help her confidence to know she can control the motion both on AND off the teeter.

If you are in a video watching mood, I also made one for Lexie! :o) She is learning to jump & weave this week!

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