Saturday, June 2, 2012

AwesomePaws Drills

Poor Secret, today's picture isn't terribly flattering.  It's just something I took with the web cam and since I don't have anything else to use right now, I'm using that one.  lol  Because blog posts are nothing without pictures, you know!

That said, I have video today, so that makes up for it.

I had a super crazy busy/long day at the shelter today, so I'm shocked that I did anything, honestly.  I figured we were due, though, since we haven't done a stitch of agility since the trial last weekend.  We've been playing frisbee all week long, but it's worth mentioning that we're adding some new tricks to our routine (if you can call it that).

I got my latest issue of Clean Run the other day, so of course that's always good for giving me ideas.  I figured the next thing I'd set would be the Backyard Dogs drill, but the article I was reading over breakfast this morning was Linda Mecklenberg's AwesomePaws Drills and I decided to go for that.  Not only was it super simple to set (two jumps and a tunnel), but I also figured it would be good to throw short drills at the dogs for a change.  We've been doing so much course work lately it seems.

The drills were mostly concerning finding the backside of the jump in various ways.  Lead-outs (which we totally suck at, I might add), blended front crosses, Ketschkers, etc.  I figured these are always things we can use work on.  Secret is really good at backside pushes, but getting her (or Kaiser, for that matter) to go past an obstacle without taking it is something we always struggle with.  Maybe we should work on those come to heel exercises a bit more?   lol

Secret was not terribly enthusiastic this evening unfortunately.  It might have something to do with the fact that there were firecrackers being set off nearby, or the neighbors out in the yard next door.  Who knows.  I switched toys towards the end and she pepped up more -- I worked her too long, too, as the video was up to almost 13 minutes when we finished.  Usually we're more in the 6-7 minute range.  Don't worry, it edits down to a lot less than that because the majority of our time is spent playing!

For as lackadaisical as Secret was this evening, Kaiser was just totally ready to play!  That was nice to see, because the last few times I've had him out he didn't seem to be all that overjoyed about playing like he usually is.  He was loads of fun and did great (except on those darn Ketschkers, still can't take my eye off the Klee Kai, lol).  Hopefully I'll get his video done soon....

*edit -- After uploading THREE TIMES and being blocked for music, finally I got one to go through....

I sent in entries for the next USDAA trial at Think Pawsitive.  Only Secret is going.   :o(  I'm sad to not take Kaiser, but it's just too hectic with them both in P1.  Hopefully Secret can finish her PD title or whatever it's called, then Kaiser can play at the next trial!  I entered Secret in everything again, which at that trial includes Standard, Jumpers, Gamblers, Snooker (which we have 0 Q's in...) and Grand Prix.  Yes, I bit the bullet and decided to try it out!  It's Standard without a table, more or less (with fun courses!) and now that Secret is reliably doing all of the equipment I figured we'd go for it.

Hoping we don't have any more mishaps on the drive over this time.....

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