Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Momentous Occasion

The dogs had a super, super long day alone today.  I left for work at 9:00 a.m. and didn't get home until after 8:00 p.m. because I met my parents for a Father's Day dinner in La Crosse (the rest of the family gathered midday while I was working).  My parents did stop by briefly around 4:00 p.m. to check on the dogs, but aside from that they were on their own for the day.  Just them, the dog door and the wee potty yard.

All went well!  They survived and looked the same as ever when I checked in on them via the web cam.  Gosh I love that thing.  I am not as rabid as I originally was about viewing it all day when I'm gone, but I still find it nice to check in and make sure they are all alive and the house hasn't burned down or anything.

When I got home I grabbed a grocery bag and started my nightly trip around the yard to pick up all the presents the dogs leave me.  I did my usual cursory glance around the potty yard to amuse myself, but LO AND BEHOLD -- there was poo!  Someone poo'd in the potty yard!  I believe it was Secret!  Will wonders never cease, I had more or less completely given up on it ever happening.

My dad keeps mentioning that we should probably get around to putting the pea gravel down here at some point.  We have no mud, so I am not terribly motivated.  I do feel more comfortable about the idea now that I know they are all getting comfortable with the idea of using that area for elimination.  Heck, I've caught them going in there even when the gate is open a few times, so I think we are good.

This post has no photo (for which I'm sure you are quite grateful considering the topic), but it has video!  At the trial yesterday we saw the friend of our Pairs Relay partner from the last trial at Think Pawsitive.  She mentioned that she had gotten our run with Sprinter on video and would be happy to send it to me if I dropped her a line.  I e-mailed her last night and this morning she sent me the link.  It was a nice run!


  1. I just wanted to share a happening in my state...a burglar gained entrance to the house via a similar dog door. The dog at home clearly tried to protect her house...a lovely BC...but she was kicked to death by the intruder. She did her job, nothing was stolen, but she lost her life just the same. I'm soooooo glad you are checking in via your webcam and seeing that all is right as rain. And I know the a$$hats out there will break into your house whether you've got a dog door or not...but since anyone can read a blog, I urge you to be cautious with advertising your new door. I don't ever want to hear a story like that one ever happening again!

    1. You make a good point! Maybe I should post a sign by the back door that says, "Welcome! Please know that if you enter this house the odds are good you will star in a web cam video." lol That might deter anyone who manages to get past the dogs? :o)

      We have been having more burglaries and vandalism cases in my city lately. It is definitely something to take into consideration. Even if the dogs were a deterrent, there are a number of times where they are not home and I am pretty bad about using the security panel in the door...