Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Naughty Dog Toys

 Dear Kong Company:  We surely love playing with your toys and they always seem to stand the test of time (proving they are quality products), but I think the person in your design department might need to be replaced.  Then again, maybe they should be applauded because the design (which makes me giggle every time I look at it) is the only reason I bought your Kong SafeStix toy this evening.

 Yup, the spoiled one got another new toy tonight.  Does she need any more toys?  NO.  We are overflowing with toys that Secret happily works for and loves to play with -- A far cry from years past when I almost shed tears over her complete lack of desire to play with anything (or me).  Buying every toy under the sun admittedly became a bad habit back then and has more or less continued (at a slightly slower pace, thankfully).  Some women like to buy shoes or clothes.  Personally, for me there's just something about seeing Secret's face light up when I bring home fun new toys.  :o)

A Facebook friend (Loretta from Full Tilt Border Collies) is completely to blame for this, because without her I would have never even known it existed.  She posted a picture of one of her student's dogs with this particular toy last week and we all had a good chuckle over it.  I laughed even harder when I came across a promotional video for the SafeStix on YouTube.

Make sure you at least watch it to the 0:40 mark or so.  That's great.

 Tonight I stopped by PetCo after working at the shelter to pick up dog food.  I kind of completely ran out at breakfast this morning, whoops.  I'd more or less put the silly toy out of my mind (because we DON'T NEED ANY MORE TOYS), but something caught my eye as I was walking towards the register with our 26 pound bag of food (that seems to last less than three weeks these days).  Oh no, really?!  They have them?  And one was pink?  Hmm....  $15  No, we don't need it.  YES WE DO.

Secret went bonkers for the darn thing.  Figures.  She is my dog after all.  ;o)  So we'll happily play with our new Kong SafeStix -- but probably just in the privacy of our own backyard.  hahahahahaha