Saturday, July 28, 2012

Doing Better!

I'm happy to report that Secret is doing better.  Things have improved a bit since my last update -- probably largely because I'm doing a little better.

I had a doctor appointment on Thursday and my wonderful GP was kind enough to prescribe a bit of "stress relief" for me.  That came in awfully handy for my interview on Friday, which I'm happy to report went quite well.  I felt very prepared and don't feel like I botched anything.  I know they were interviewing several candidates for the position and I certainly may not be the most qualified individual, but at least I can feel good about how the interview went.

Secret is at least staying in the living room with us in the evening hours now.  I did use the baby gate to blockade the hallway for a couple of days to keep her from disappearing to hide back there and it seems to have broken the habit for her.  Right now she's actually laying by my computer chair, something she hasn't done for a good long while.

Sleeping time is still a bit off for her, though.  It's better, just not back to normal yet.  Secret had been improving a lot over the last couple of nights, so last night I decided to not put her Thundershirt on at bed time.  Nope, we aren't there yet.  She was noticeably restless and uncomfortable straight away and wanted off the bed.  I got up and put her shirt on and she instantly relaxed and fell asleep against my arm.

It didn't last and she did eventually get off the bed and went to lay in the bathroom.  I decided to block her from that and I believe she spent a good portion of the night on the floor next to the bed.  I took a night off from my new bite guard last night but I will go back to that tonight just in case I'm still doing something.

I'm hoping that since we've seen improvement in the evening hours that we'll eventually see improvement at bed time.  It's not the bed that is the issue -- She has no problem with it in the a.m. and she spends the whole morning in bed while I'm showering and getting ready.  If I was doing something to freak her out in the middle of the night I suppose it will just take some time to get over it.

Our big trip to the Chicago USDAA Regional is coming up fast!  One more week, yay!  Will we do any actual agility training this week?  We'll see.  I suppose it would be nice to go ahead and set up the broad jump for her once.  And I do need to put Kaiser back on 12" jumps as a refresher, so I guess I'll have to made myself set up something at one point or another!

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