Saturday, July 14, 2012

We had a visitor!

 We had a visitor yesterday!  This is Max the Malinois.  He got to spend a little time running around the yard before continuing on his journey to the Border Collie Rescue of MN.

Before I got Luke, the Belgian Malinois was high on my list of dogs I would like to own.  I have always thought they are absolutely stunning dogs.  Granted, back then I honestly had NO CLUE what was involved with owning such a breed.  Even now, with years of dog owning experience under my belt, I'm not sure I'd be the ideal owner for a Mal -- But they are still amazing dogs.

And Max is exactly that, one amazing boy.  He definitely lucked out to be pulled and transferred to a group that will be able to place him in a home that will let him shine.

Oddly enough, Mr. Max actually had an appointment to be surrendered at the shelter where I work over a month ago.  I specifically remember the details because I was having a cow about someone surrendering a Malinois to a shelter (especially since I did not feel such a dog would do well in our facility).  The dog apparently has Schutzhund training and everything, so I could not fathom for the life of me why his young owner would bring him to a SHELTER when there are so many other options.

They never showed up that day, which is good because I probably would have pulled her aside and tried to talk her into going elsewhere (I don't know how good that would be for my job).  I hoped that meant she had found a better alternative or maybe figured out a way to keep her dog.

Fast forward to yesterday -- Melissa from BCRMN contacted me to see if I'd be able to help pull a young Malinois out of my local shelter in Sparta.  Sure enough, it was the same one.  Apparently his owner had been trying to re-home him for the last month or so with no luck.  She had contacted another rescue about taking him and they didn't have room, but that rescue contacted BCRMN about the dog.  By the time Melissa contacted the owner she'd already surrendered him to the shelter.  The SPARTA shelter???  Seriously, why would you ever surrender a dog there?  That place is seriously a dump.  A teeny, tiny dump.

BUT the good thing about that crappy little shelter is that they pretty much have zero policy in place regarding anything and they will adopt or transfer pretty much any animal to anybody.  Give us $70 and don't let the door hit you on your way out.

Max had just been surrendered on Thursday, so the lucky boy only had to spend a day in that gross kennel before breaking out.  He spent an hour playing in my yard before I drove him to Rochester, where he would spend the night before being delivered to BCRMN today.

As such a short-term visitor I figured there was no point in putting effort towards having him get along with my dogs.  He was super sweet and social, though, so I did bring Secret out to see if they would enjoy playing together.  Max was awesome, but holy cow -- Secret was about as awful as I've ever seen her!  Max was displaying every appeasing gesture known to man and she would not back down on him.  She was herding him around the yard at one point keeping him away from all of "her things" and when he came near me she just snapped at him.  She is a lucky girl that he was so balanced and forgiving....  After that she got to go back in the house and Max and I enjoyed the yard in peace (minus the frantic barking and scratching at the door by my three dogs).  The security panel in the dog door got a workout.

Max is 2 1/2 years old and one of the most wonderful dogs I've had the pleasure to meet.  If you know of anyone looking, Max will be neutered next week and should be on the BCRMN web site soon!

Being able to participate in this side of the rescue business makes all the rest worth it.

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