Thursday, July 12, 2012

Famous! (in a small town)

Happy surprise today!

This morning a friend posted on my Facebook wall that she saw my dogs on the front page of the local paper, The La Crosse Tribune, today.  Say what?  No way!

So of course I had my mother swing by the store when she went to get the work mail -- I may or may not have pushed her out the door to go right away when I found out.  ;o)

And sure enough, there it was!  A reasonably good sized shot of the Three Amigos highlighted in the upper right hand corner of the front page!  Woot!  Do we get anything as a result of our fame?  Nothing but bragging rights, but I still think it's pretty cool.

It's all a result of some silly Facebook contest I entered yesterday.  I saw it blip by on the stupid scrolling feed thing that I hate so much on Facebook.  Ooooh, a contest!  Who doesn't like good photo contest involving pets?  Granted, it's one of those stupidly horrible popularity contests that require you to get all of your friends and family to "like" a page so they can vote for you....

So anyhow, it was just yesterday afternoon that I uploaded that picture (and one of Kaiser weaving, I have no idea why I picked it other than because it's not a professional photo and I figured the Klee Kai community totally rocks at getting out the vote, lol).  I suppose I signed off all rights & releases when I entered the contest because surely I was never contacted by anyone at the paper -- but oh well, maybe my kids will get a few bonus votes for being the featured pets in the story.

Voting starts next week, so I'll probably post again and start begging for votes!  If you are my friend on Facebook I will apologize in advance.  It's only a $100 Petco gift card, so I suppose I can't get too psycho on you.

For further evidence of their fame, my dogs were recognized on our walk yesterday.  Seriously.  A small group of bikers was passing us from behind when a woman said, "Do you do agility?"  I responded that yes we do and she said, "I knew I knew those dogs!"  I feel bad because I have no idea who she was....

Speaking of agility -- I finally entered the NADAC trial for next weekend here in La Crosse.  Everyone is doing the four core classes both days and Kaiser gets to do a bonus Hoopers run simply because I think he'll enjoy it and I was feeling nice.  Luke will be running 12" as a Skilled Vet for the first time!  I figured why not give it a try and see what happens now that Skilled & Proficient are combined for points.  I think he'll pretty much think it rocks, but Luke pretty much thinks all agility rocks.


  1. Super cool! Congrats on the win!

  2. Oh, and I appreciate what I can only assume is a Miranda Lambert reference in the title.