Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We got mail! :o)

I love getting mail that isn't bills.  I especially love getting title certificates without even asking for them!

Secret is now "official."  We received her Performance Dog certificate in the mail along with her P1 Gamblers and P1 Standard titles.  I think it's humorous that I get so excited over Starters titles on a dog that nearly has her NATCH, but it is what it is.  I'm sure I'll be equally excited when Kaiser earns his first USDAA titles (which sadly has yet to happen....).

I've gone a week without updating my blog because there really isn't much to update.  The poor dogs are settling in to their new boring lifestyle.  I am so not digging the routine of leaving them for five days during the week only to leave them on the weekends, too.  :o(  I just feel terribly guilty about the whole thing and feel bad that I pretty much see my dogs four hours a day, seven days a week.  It's making the decision to cut down to one job much easier, I'll put it that way.....  I haven't made any official statement, but I do think I have to do it or I'll go crazy.  The new job is a lot more mentally taxing than my position with the family business was, so I think I've reached the point where I *need* a weekend.  And thankfully my new job puts me in a position where this is actually possible.

I figure I should commit to the published September schedule -- which hopefully won't be too bad since I'm off this weekend and then again on the 15th/16th for the NADAC trial in La Crosse.  That two week stretch after that is going to blow, though, and I hardly feel like I can ask off the first weekend in October because I'm off the two weekends after that.  So yes, the end of September does seem like the best timing.  The shelter has put out word that they are hiring another part time weekend/evening caregiver, so hopefully that happens soon so that I don't have to feel too guilty.  I'm going to feel bad enough leaving the great group of people that I've gotten to know over the last two years.  I can't tell you, though, how awesome it will be to have weekends again.

Speaking of weekends, we are off to Minnesota this weekend!  Yay!!  Of course, though, wouldn't you know that the weather report kind of stinks.  After being blessed with lovely, cooler weather the last couple of weeks, we are on our way back up.  The forecast for this weekend is back in the 90's, currently with a chance of storms on Sunday.  Figures.  It's the only outdoor trial(s) I sign up for this entire year.  Oh well, it is what it is.  We'll just try to stay cool and have fun.  :o)  It's better than working, right?!

Crappy news of the day -- Someone broke into my car at work today.  :o(  The only thing of "value" in my car is a crappy super old Garmin that takes me 10 minutes to get plugged in because the connectors are worn out.  So of course that's what they took, along with the super annoying electronics splicer that glows bright blue and gives me a headache when it's dark outside.  They left the window hanger suction cup (which they had to physically remove, so I don't get it) and didn't take my phone car charger, my CDs or my nifty digital tire pressure gauge (yay, I love that thing).  Losers.  Guess that's what I get for leaving my windows cracked in a parking ramp.  It could surely be worse, but it kind of blows to lose my Garmin right before a trip up to the Cities.  Thank goodness my dad has several (for whatever reason) and I can borrow one of his.  But seriously, people suck.

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  1. Getting titles in the mail is always so much better than bills! Yeah for Secret!