Monday, August 20, 2012

Weave video

Doesn't Secret look ever so fetching when I wake her up to go to bed?  When she's not going completely loony running around in the yard, I swear she's the laziest dog on the planet.  When Secret crashes, she CRASHES.

Looking at her ear set in this photo, maybe it's not so bad that Secret didn't end up with prick ears.  lol

Tonight when I got home from work (!!) I set up the video camera to try to catch Secret's progress with her speed work through the weaves.  As is customary when I set up the camera for this sort of thing, I inevitably ended up pushing her to go too long and this shows in her footwork.  The first few repetitions were super awesome and after that she starts to do some funky things.  I used the half-time feature to slow it down and study this.  I'm not worried about it -- I think it's a combination of getting tired and still figuring out this footwork thing.  Like I said before, she didn't used to really single step on closed poles AT ALL --- so the fact that she's offering it at all is a huge bonus.  :o)

Five hours later, the video is finally done processing....

My first day of work went well!  It will be interesting to see what happens when I actually get to start, you know, working.  ;o)

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