Friday, August 10, 2012

Continuing with Backyard Dogs...

With the cooler weather that has blessed us with its presence (yesterday was a high of 69, today has been mid 70's), the dogs are definitely overflowing with energy.  Kaiser and Secret spend a huge majority of their waking hours running around outside together -- more than I can ever recall in the past!  Secret's rise in energy has also been increasing her naughty, naughty habit of digging....

So I figured we may as well put that energy to good use and train again today.  I know, two days in a row, isn't it crazy!

I left the jumps up from yesterday in the event that we'd be able to continue on with the drill today.  Instead of the tunnel, though (which always gets removed because Mr. Peabody can't help but relieve himself on them), I opted to go with the suggestion at the end of the Backyard Dogs (Clean Run, July 2012) drill that said to try replacing the tunnel with a set of weave poles to up the difficulty.

Since we did 1-3 yesterday, I opted to keep it simple and continue on with 4-6 today.  They were fun yet challenging exercises that really worked our weave entries at times.  I was very happy with how well Secret kept up her energy level with all that weaving -- although you can tell in the video that she starts to wane towards the end, which is likely more related to my own exhaustion levels than her own.  Considering how much free time I have right now I should start running.  Or something.  Yeah, I've been home all week and my house isn't even clean.  Ha!

I included some weaving clips at the end of the video to prove that --WOW -- Secret is actually capable of single-stepping her weave poles.  Actually, I was surprised to see just how much she was single-stepping.  She always weaves faster at home than at trials, but she's been pretty set in her hopping ways from day one.  Not entirely sure where all the single-step action came from, but I'm happy to see it.  Now if ONLY we could see this kind of drive at trials.  Like, ever.

I return to the working world this weekend at the shelter.  I imagine the dogs will be happy to be rid of me for a couple of days.  :o)

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  1. Zodiac pees on my agility equipment too. Also lately, he's taken to just peeing on the deck instead of going down into the yard. I guess he's finding the stairs to be too much trouble these days.