Saturday, October 12, 2013

The 10k girls!

Today the girls and I hit a new milestone -- We ran 10k! Yes, a whole 6.2 miles. I was going to do an out and back, turning around at 3 miles, but then I thought, "How stupid is it to run 6 miles when I can just throw on an extra 0.2 and make it a full 10k?" So I did. And between 2.5 and 3.1 miles I was really regretting that decision, because that last portion before I turned around was ALL uphill...

We went out the same route that I like to do for our 5-mile runs (previously our longest distance) and it turns out that section of trail is perfect for the 10k length because the turn around point (3.1+/-) is where the trail crosses the road, which is a super easy marker and good spot for a stretch.

It's also apparently a good spot to accidentally turn off your GPS without realizing it. ARGH!!! I was reaching the spot where I figured surely another mile would knock off (shortly after nearly getting run over by a stupid bicyclist who wouldn't move over to pass us on the trail...) -- And since that mile had been almost all downhill, I was curious to know the time. When I looked down to check why it hadn't marked off another mile, I saw that I had ended my workout at the turn around point. *sob*  My first actual 10k wasn't even going to go in the books.

Well, whatever. I started it over from there and figuring that my average pace has been around 11:10/mile on these runs lately, I should have done the entire 10k in 1:10 and change --- Oh! I suppose it's worth mentioning that I finally hit my goal of running a mile in under 10:00 last night! I was surprised because I totally did not feel like running yesterday, but I somehow managed to push out 9:53 in my first of three miles. Yay for completing a goal! Now to set a new one, I guess...

The girls continue to be fantastic running partners. I was concerned if they would make it the added distance today, mostly because they were pretty darn sacked out at home before we left. I had nothing to worry about, though -- around mile 5 Kizzy started lunging at the end of the leash towards lord knows what and they were both still way out in front at the very end. I do wonder if there's a limit to how far I should be running them, but I figure they'll tell me. Right now it's more or less just an hour or so of trotting for them, which doesn't seem to be too strenuous. Kizzy is proving her husky heritage with her stamina, though, that's for sure. I feel bad for leaving Kaiser & Luke at home, but I know Luke couldn't handle the distance and I'm not sure about Kaiser (he'd probably be fine, I'm sure).

Tomorrow I'm hoping to actually set a drill and play agility with everyone! I love weekends.


  1. Great job! Congrats! Now to enter a race...

    1. I have mulled over that idea, but then I think to myself, "Why would I pay money to run?" lol Plus there are no races here that allow dogs and they're 95% of the reason I run! :o) I'm good for now. Maybe the bug will bite some day. A friend from work just ran the Chicago marathon and I follow a running blogger who was there as well. I admire them greatly and am in awe of their achievement, but I don't think that's an end goal for me. I do have a friend pushing me for a half next year, but come on - that's over twice as far as I just ran! lol

      I never thought I'd ever in my life run 10k, though, either - so never say never I guess.

  2. There is always a free t-shirt and snacks involved!