Sunday, October 6, 2013

When did this happen?!

Today I went and scrounged up some Novice Jumpers drills from Steve over at AgilityNerd to do a bit of a test to see where the Kizzy-dog is at in her lack of training. The wee one blew me away just a little! To date, especially when training with toys, we've had a bit of an "obstacle commitment" issue where she'll run by a lot of stuff. Tunnels have also been a bit of a struggle at times because she seems to sometimes think she's going to miss out on the party if she goes in there.

Not today, though! She strapped on her big girl pants and held it together for 12 whole obstacles in a row for three different drill sets! And I only got bit once while getting her to release the toy!  :o)  Such improvement all around. She is also doing well with the increase in jump height -- I've moved all of her jumps up to 10" now.

Kaiser and Secret got to play on a few of the big dog (i.e.: Advanced) drills. Hopefully I'll get around to editing those eventually as well.

We are enjoying a nice, (much needed) quiet weekend at home. Yesterday we went out for a five-mile run (okay, I only ran 4+ miles and we walked the rest). I was planning to go to the track at the school today, but instead we ended up playing agility and I guess now I'm going to go fail at play tennis with my parents before dinner.


  1. You and Kizzy look fantastic!

    1. Thanks Rose! :o) I'm having fun stealing training ideas from your puppy videos.