Monday, January 25, 2010

Secret Discovers Nature

The weather was fairly nice during the latter part of last week, and since my parents were out of town, I decided to take the opportunity to take the dogs walking on their trails when I went up to get the mail and whatnot.

Secret thought this was just grand! So many new sights and smells to discover. She was incredibly well-behaved with regard to sticking nearby and coming back when called. She's always been a good girl from day one about being off leash, something I always took for granted until Kaiser came along! :o) I was really impressed with Secret on Friday. I took Kaiser off leash as a sort of a test to see what he would do -- Well, that little stinker took off running down the trail and Secret just stopped and looked at him as though to say, "Oh, you are naughty, you aren't supposed to go that far!" (He did come back, but after he did it the second time I put him back on leash!)

This is something we should definitely make a point to do more often! At least until it warms up and tick season hits us.... Then walking through the woods isn't quite so much fun (for me, at least!).

We had a pretty lazy weekend at home for the most part. The weather was pretty crummy, with a rain/snow mixture that kept us hiding indoors. We got a chance to go outside early on Saturday, but were stuck inside for pretty much all of Sunday. I learned that Secret is a pansy about going outside in the rain! I nearly had to shove her out the door, and eventually go out and stand in the rain, myself, to get her to go potty.

I started a new trick this weekend that Secret is picking up on very quickly. We are learning, "Bang." She's pretty much got it from the down position, and now I'm working on linking the cue from the sit. She's a twitchy death victim, as she moves her legs around a bit while she's on her back, but it's cute! :o)

We also worked more on getting in the box and putting it on cue. She's figured out how to get all four feet in the box top and has started to offer a sit. It would be cute if I could get her to smoosh herself into a down, but I think that would be easier if we had a bit larger box to work with to start. We'll see.

Secret is getting really good at "back-up" with me in a stationary position. I'm using the cue of putting my hands behind my back and expecting her to keep going backwards so long as I hold that position. We will have to move this trick to the basement, as we have run out of space to keep going back in the bedroom!

Secret is turning into a real cuddle-bug and can be fairly demanding about "lap-time" when she wants attention. She loves to jump up on the couch and fling herself at me, putting her head under my chin. She definitely seems to be more affectionate than the boys, or at least more obvious about expressing it and demanding attention. The picture below is from when she crawled into my lap on Saturday for a nap. Yesterday she slept on me for over two hours. I have to admit, she's got me wrapped around her finger. :o)

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