Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tippy Board Success!

There was open ring time at the dog center today, so I decided to pack up the kids and take advantage of it. There is still very little we can do outside at this time, and I'll take any opportunity I can get to work with Secret around the agility equipment!

We started with sending through the jump standards. I think this "game" is starting to click with Secret and she's getting more into it. She was really into tugging today (at first, anyhow), so that is the toy I used to reward her for this. Secret lost a bit of focus when I started to put two "jumps" together, so it hasn't completely clicked for her just yet.

What HAS clicked for her, though, is tunnels! Secret has decided that tunnels are WAY COOL. For our tunnel work, I bring out the squeaky balls and throw them as she exits. Apparently this is a ton of fun for her (yay! Toy drive!) and I no longer have to deliver her to the entrance of the tunnel. We're starting to get a little bit of actual distance with the send! :o)

I finally remembered to bring my clicker this time, so after we were done playing with the tunnel, I went and sat next to the tippy board. Wow. Absolutely 100% turn around from the last time we worked with it (without the clicker). Secret UNDERSTANDS shaping, she doesn't really "understand" luring.

She picked up on the mission immediately. Quite often her "touch" resulted in the board moving, but unlike last time, this didn't immediately scare her off. We worked our way from one foot to all four feet on the board in a relatively short amount of time. We were interrupted at one point by someone coming through the side door that TOTALLY freaked Secret out and we had to take a break, but when we went back to it she progressed very quickly.

Once all four feet were on the "stable" end of the tippy board, I started to toss her treat behind her so that she'd have to turn around on the board to get it. This resulted in some movement of the board, which she handled incredibly well compared to last time. I left the tippy board out to work with her again on Monday and I look forward to seeing how quickly her comfort level continues to rise. I'm hoping we can progress to going back and forth over the board, but it may take another session yet. We'll see!

The picture posted above was taken in Secret's very first trip through the car wash! lol Going through an automatic car wash for the first time always seems to be a momentous occasion for dogs and she took it very well. She "chased" the spray a couple of times, then just sat and watched the show for the most part. I was worried that the dryer would freak her out, but it was a non-event. Good girl!

And on a REALLY happy note, Secret's bowels are once again happy and back to normal. :o) She poo'd shortly before I started this entry and I was so happy with the result that I nearly took a picture for the blog. I'm quite sure those of you reading are happy I restrained myself. *wink*

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