Monday, February 15, 2010

Movin' on up

To the big bed! :o)

Yes, I do believe that it may be safe to say that Secret has made "the transition" to the land of the big bed. For some time now I've been letting her have test runs of shorter duration -- I've let her come into the bed if I wake up in the middle of the night and on nights when I come home late and have to get up in less than 5 hours.

Thursday evening was one of those occasions, due to my participation in a karaoke idol contest that keeps me out fairly late. Friday evening I was a bum and fell asleep on the couch and didn't go to bed until quite late, so Secret again got to come to bed with us (myself, Luke & Kaiser). Saturday was another late night out, which gave Secret her third night in a row in the big bed.

She really has been incredibly well-behaved in her time on the bed. She may not wish to sleep in quite as late as I would prefer on the weekends and slithers off the bed when she deems it time to get up, but she really doesn't move at all during the night. I had issues with Kaiser deciding to try to leave the bed for a midnight exploration or snack when he was making the transition out of his crate, but Secret really hasn't done that even once.

So with three nights in a row of good behavior under our belt, I decided I may as well let her try the whole night for once. Unsurprisingly, she was good as gold last night and may have solidified her place. I'll leave the crate in the bedroom a few more days, I'm sure, but more than likely it will get moved to the spare room and only be brought out when I have to leave the dogs at home.

I haven't yet left her loose in the house for any period of time while I leave. The closest we've come to that is when I leave the dogs inside while I shovel snow. Her behavior during those times seems to be perfect, but I don't think a six month old has yet earned the right to have free reign of the house.

She doesn't seem to mind going into her crate or having me leave. In fact, she seems to care far less than the boys do. On Saturday she came in from their last potty break before I had to leave and went straight into her crate before I even said anything. I was surprised at how eager she was, but I have a feeling it has something to do with the recent treat I've started to give her when I leave. I've began to put peanut butter in the holes of her "Lifesaver" ring and put that into the crate with her. Mmmm, she likes peanut butter!

Tricks are still going great. I really do need to do a video soon.

I'm bummed because we won't have an opportunity to work on agility stuff at the dog center until March. My classes are done until March 3, so we will have to keep ourselves occupied in other ways until then.

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