Monday, February 1, 2010

Trial Weekend

Secret went to her third agility trial this weekend. She is getting used to the atmosphere, as she seemed far more comfortable this time. There was no hiding in the back of her crate and she even seemed very happy to see certain people!

The wide variety of dogs outside on Saturday morning seemed to really intimidate her, but she got used to it very quickly this time and by Sunday she was interested in meeting new dogs.

Secret got to know the people crated around us and started to seek them out for attention when she was out of her crate. She was still unsure, however, of random people who came up to say hello to her. Really, it's hit or miss at this stage with her comfort level. I haven't really been able to pinpoint any certain trait that intimidates her. There is no doubt, though, that she's getting far more comfortable around new people.

The trial ended on Sunday with the Tunnelers class, so when everything was finished, I took Secret out into the arena to play for a little while. She thought all of those tunnels were just grand! If I would have been thinking, I should have handed the video camera to someone to catch some of our play time. Secret did fantastic and was happily stringing together four tunnels at a time! We even did some work with crosses and 180* turns. So fun! She was pooped when we finished, as it had been a very long weekend for her (the photo on top is her crashed on the ride home).

I have to teach tonight, so we'll get to go play at the dog center again. :o)

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