Friday, February 26, 2010

So... I gave up

On the ears, that is. I am just not cut out for taping ears -- or rather, maintaining them, I guess.

I found the whole task terribly frustrating. Some pieces of tape would stick like glue to Secret's ear, such that I felt bad when I had to pull it out to change it (after about 24 hours they started to lose stiffness and the ear would flop over). Other pieces went flying out of her ear in less than 10 minutes.

I changed out the tape Wednesday morning and she acted as though it hurt when I put the new tape in place. Sure enough, a few minutes later I found it on the floor. I decided then and there that the taping was done and whatever happens with the ears will sort itself out in the end.

But I don't like the floppy look. :o( Sigh.

Unfortunately I have practically nothing to update this week. I had jury duty Wednesday & Thursday of this week, so that was Secret's first time staying home alone all day (I got to come home for lunch, however). Of the three dogs, (as always) Secret seemed to handle it the best. She's loving her kong filled with peanut butter and goes running into her crate when she sees that I have it.

This weekend Secret will attend her first TDAA trial to cheer on Kaiser. Next weekend is another NADAC trial, so we have lots of socialization opportunities in the coming weeks.

In addition, my agility classes start up again this Wednesday, so we'll finally be able to get back to work on some agility foundations. We are rotting away and I am so ready for winter to done!

And this really doesn't have to do with anything, but it shows what a good girl Secret is when I come home. :o) Volume alert, my little Alaskan Klee Kai, Kaiser, is a heck of a screamer.

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