Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another tooth??

Last night I was sitting down to read the paper when I heard an odd crunching noise coming from the living room. How odd, I thought, since I have removed almost all the toys (part of the Ruff Love program I thought I'd follow) and surely there wasn't anything "crunchy" out there.

Secret was acting like she was chewing on something, but I didn't see anything. Hmm. I went back to reading and I heard it again. What DID she have, I wondered? So I went to check again and this time she presented me with a prize.

Another tooth? Really? I thought she was done teething, but this does explain why her ears have been doing such odd things the last few days and perhaps her reluctance to tug the other night.

So we're up to five that she's left for me now. Do you think we're done yet?

I hope you appreciate my attempt to be artsy-fartsy by photographing the tooth on the pretty backdrop of my stove. lol

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