Monday, April 19, 2010

Contacts, Flyball, Beach & Petco!

We got a lot done this weekend and Secret got in lots of socializing time. There was a flyball tournament at the dog center this weekend, so I met up with Holly to take the dogs and watch for a bit on Sunday.

I was surprised at how well Secret did with all of the noise. And there was a LOT of noise compared to agility trials! She got better as we sat there and even watched a little bit of the action, but she certainly didn't get high from it. A few people commented on how calm & relaxed she was in an envious tone, but really, part of me wishes she was a barking, lunging lunatic like their dogs were. lol Just a LITTLE drive would be nice at this point...

I started to get this look after about an hour -- Her, "Plllllleeeeeaassssee, can we go home now?" look. She & Ailie were both getting fairly bored at that point, so we decided to give our ears a break and head out.

We went to the beach again with all of the dogs. Neville was along this time and Secret hasn't really met him yet, but they did very well together (Kaiser didn't, but he's kept on leash so that didn't really matter). Secret was most interested in all of the sticks along the shore, so we used those to get her in the water since the tennis balls didn't seem to interest her much. We played with distance and threw one out to a point where she would have to swim -- if she didn't get it, we'd just be down another stick! :o) Well surprise, surprise -- she got it! She had to swim a fair distance out and back, too! Good girl!! She's a good little swimmer!

As if all this activity wasn't enough, we had to swing into Petco on the way home to pick up more dog food. Since I was just picking up a smaller bag to get us through until we see "our supplier" at the next trial, I figured she could come in with me. She was a good, good girl! I've never seen her so happy & relaxed in a store. She trotted beside me on a loose leash the whole time and didn't even take note of all the kitties there for an adoption day.

When we got to the checkout counter, she stood up on it with her front legs and looked at the associate, wondering where her treat was -- she knows the drill! She sat nicely when asked, inhaled her treat and then went looking for more. lol

After her busy day, she totally crashed on the trip home.

I did make a video of her contact work on Saturday, but we did it late in the day after several play sessions, as I was waiting for the insane wind to die down (didn't want her blown off the dog walk!). As a result, she was not quite as into it as usual, but she still did a great job and it was worth documenting for her blog. :o)


  1. Does Kaiser get to go into PetCo too? :)

    Our PetCo stores STINK! I hate that. I prefer PetsMart, but they don't carry Sophies food unfortunately.

  2. Alas, I can't handle two dogs if I'm buying something as big as a bag of dog food -- so Kaiser and Luke stay in the car while Secret gets her socialization time.

    I feel that Petsmart offers more socialization opportunities and they have better toys & treats, but Petco definitely carries the better brands of food. I have member cards to both. :o)