Thursday, April 29, 2010

Slow week....

It's been a pretty slow week for us, but I didn't want to go an entire week between entries -- so here is my meaningless post of the day. :o)

We had a short training night on Monday, just using treats (because I was lazy). We primarily just worked on bottoms, pinwheels and recalls/releases. I had a tunnel discrimination set up under the a-frame for the boys and played with that a bit, but she really isn't even remotely ready for that yet.

Rascal & Bethany came over on Tuesday, so Secret got in some play time after his agility lesson. They are starting to have so much fun together and there is a lot more running during their play dates now -- Kaiser doesn't dominate things nearly so much, although he certainly does try.

Secret still had some energy to burn after they left, so I brought out the frisbees to play with her. She's been doing great chasing the rolling discs, so I thought I'd toss one to see if she'd chase a flying disc, too. Stupid error on my part -- she jumped at it as it went over her head and either twisted something or landed funny. When she came down she took a few steps then laid down and acted like her right hind was bothering her, as she kicked it out a few times and looked at it. I poked and prodded her all over and couldn't get any reaction, so I have no idea what she did. She was moving fine, so I tried not to stress over it too much. ONLY rolling discs for some time yet, she's too young to be flipping all over the place.

My plan last night was to give the dogs the night completely off from everything, but Secret was pestering Kaiser and had a bug up her butt -- So I decided to chuck a few frisbees across the lawn for her. She did better than ever and snatched nearly every one. She's getting good at reading their path and catching them as they roll. Even better, she brought back EVERY SINGLE ONE! Our routine is that she brings one back, drops it and I roll the next one for her. Sometimes we tug, but she seems more eager to just chase the next one, so we generally do that.

We only did about 10 rolls last night. I'm really trying hard to not burn her out on playing and make sure to quit while she's still actively participating.

Luke has a chiropractic appointment tonight and I'm considering leaving Secret & Kaiser home while we drive to Viroqua. It's such a long time for them to sit in the car -- Ultimately it depends on how warm it is this afternoon, I suppose.

This weekend we finally have another agility trial here in La Crosse. More great socializing time for Secret!

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