Friday, May 7, 2010

It's raining...

It's raining and I don't think we'll make our daily walk today. Secret is giving me sad eyes. :o( We'll go wander for a bit and see how wet we get, I suppose. I should have brought a hat!

It's been a fairly slow week for us. Weather has not allowed for much agility (rain, then wind!), but Secret has been getting in lots of frisbee time. We did some fun stuff last night like sends to the tunnel and recalls over a line of 8" jumps, but Secret only lasted about five minutes before she started to poop out on me. I used the big Kong squeaky and she seemed to respond well to that as her reward. I tried to interest her in tug at the beginning and she wanted nothing of it. When she got tired I switched to food (cheese left over from the trial weekend!) and let her do some contact work on the dog walk. I squeezed in a little wrap work on the jumps before I completely lost her -- but ultimately I pushed for too much again. Sigh. I need to stop that!

We don't have too much in store for this weekend. It's supposed to be fairly cold in comparison to recent weeks, but the rain should stop tonight. Hopefully we can get in several short repetitions outside to build motivation.

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