Monday, May 10, 2010

Nine Months Old!

Growing is hard work!

We didn't do much this weekend -- the weather was crummy on Saturday and then I spent the day cleaning & doing family stuff on Sunday.

I set up a 5-jump grid (ala Susan Salo, although I've never actually watched one of her videos!) on Saturday to play on with the boys. I worked Secret on it a couple of times during the day at 8". Just getting her down the entire line proved to be a struggle, although when she did finally get all five jumps we had a huge party and quit.

I still fight with myself over whether or not I should cave and use more treat-based training with her or if I should keep plugging along with the toys. She is doing better with toys, but it only lasts a few minutes before she decides she's not all that interested. I guess I should be happy that her toy drive has increased this much, at least! :o)

Yesterday we had a whole slew of people at the house -- several of my family members have never been to my house, despite the fact that I've been here nearly two years already, so they stopped by for a visit after we had dinner for Mother's Day. There were 11 of us (and three dogs!) total, so it was quite a crowd for my house.

Secret did exceptionally well! Those who have met her were impressed with how much friendlier she is -- she was a bit *too* friendly when she tried to jump up on my grandma... But she took the correction very well and kept her feet on the floor when the remainder of the guests arrived.

I'm happy to see that she's coming out of her shell and becoming more confident as she gets older. Tonight I've been asked to do a home visit for a family who is looking to adopt a Border Collie puppy from rescue (not Secret's rescue) and I was asked to take a dog along with me to evaluate how the family -- the kids in particular -- interact with dogs. I wish I could take Secret, but her almost non-existent history with children has not been that great, so I don't think she's the best candidate for the job. She does need more interaction with kids for sure, but I don't think it would be appropriate to use this family to socialize my dog -- so Luke has the job and will get to play with the kids tonight.

The picture below is after our walk last Friday -- We did go for a walk. In the rain.... Three wet dogs!

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  1. Kaiser looks like a puppy in this group! :) I just love him!