Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just a quickie...

Just a quick post since we're going to be gone for a few days -- Tomorrow we're heading out on the road for Secret's first away trial since January! I imagine staying in a hotel should be slightly more relaxing now that she's fully potty trained. This particular hotel also has doors that open straight to the outside, so I don't have to worry about three dogs dragging me down the hallway...

We're going to just one day of the MMBC NADAC trial in Savage, MN on Saturday and leave tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to head over to the park tomorrow afternoon to set up my stuff so that we can sleep in a bit Saturday morning. :o) I figure it will also give the dogs a chance to stretch their legs a bit before we go back to the hotel for the night.

Secret has had a great week. A couple of nights ago I set up a simple circle of jumps and hoops -- eight total, I believe -- and the last two nights we've been working on just getting a bit more speed and distance going around the circle. I throw in a wrap every now and then as well as continuing to work on developing the rear cross. She's still spinning, but she'll figure it out eventually! Distance-wise, she's finding the obstacles on her own quite well now and I've been able to move about 10' to 15' laterally to the inside.

We don't work this for very long (mostly because I get pooped!), so it generally isn't long before she's terrorizing Kaiser in the house. When that happens, we go outside for frisbee time, which Secret continues to view with more & more enthusiasm. She's starting to catch more of the short tosses I throw at her after she's tired from chasing the rolling discs. We'll still wait a while for the long tosses.

On Sunday I hope to meet up with Ruth, the woman who adopted Secret's brother, Blizzard (formerly Mozart). She's coming to the AKC trial in La Crosse and I have to remember to haul my butt out of bed in the morning to get down there before she leaves. I'm so interested to see if Secret remembers her brother! I can't wait to see how much he's changed since I met him as a little squirt.

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