Thursday, December 16, 2010

The basement is done!

I don't know if I misread the delivery date on the e-mail notification I received for the floor mats or if Fed Ex was ahead of schedule -- But the rest of my floor mats got delivered yesterday! Oh what a happy surprise! The timing was great, too, because I have to work at the Humane Society tonight and wouldn't have had a chance to put them down or play on them this evening.

The total footprint of the mats is 20' wide by 22' long. It isn't a massive amount of space, obviously, but it is better than nothing! I will need to be very creative this winter, but it is nice to have a nice warm space to play and work on some agility skills.

This pinwheel was the first exercise I set up for Secret. (Yes, of course I worked her right away!!) The spacing is obviously a bit shorter than I would tend to use outdoors, but still quite acceptable. I did keep the jump heights to 16" to keep things nice & simple for Secret. Working in such cramped quarters is a new experience for her, as is running on mats. She did well with this exercise, essentially just a bunch of wraps & front crosses.

I've been wondering if I could fit a box into the space, so I set one up. It gets a little close to the walls on two sides, but it's totally workable. Again, not something I would necessarily care to do at full height, but it was safe at 16".

Secret likes her Holee Roller ball that I picked up at Petco last week. I braided a handle into it using my old polo wraps from my horse days. :o) Sadly, I don't think it will be the longest lasting toy in our collection. It's already ripped apart in a couple of places!

Our Theraball from Clean Run is scheduled to be delivered today! I bet you can't guess what the next post will be about. We'll see if there is time to play before I go to the shelter tonight, otherwise it will have to wait.

It's a trial weekend for the boys here in La Crosse! I'm looking forward to it, even though they haven't done a lick of training for weeks.

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  1. Yay! It looks fantastic. Even if it isn't as much space as outside, I still think it will be a wonderful place to train over the winter. I'm a little envious, actually.

    Have fun at the trial!